2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Last campout

We heated our breakfast sandwichs in the mircowave and watched the morning news on CNN. We packed up and hit the road at 8:30am as we had to wait on the sun as we are heading east once again. The first 8 miles was slightly uphill and after that we had a downward slope the rest of the day. We stopped in Carmen and had hotdogs and a drink with the proceeds going to St. Judd Hospital. A short ride to Jett and then another stop for a drink, an ice cream sandwich and a bathroom call. We are only 10 miles from our campground at Great Salt Plains Lake. On our ride to the lake we watched Air Force pilots practice touch and go landings at Kegelman Auxiliary Field. We pitched our tent in the picnic shelter to avoid all the goathead sandburrs in the grass. We walked around the campground and down to the beach, as small as it was, to see what the lake had to offer. On the way back to our campsite we took photos of a small snake warming itself on the road. Most of the park buildings are in pretty bad condition, I guess no money to take care of them. What a waste. We wraped our food bag with a tarp to keep the raccoons out of our food. We read until dark and then off to the sleeping bag.

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