2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 13 of Katy Trail Ride

A warm 58 degrees overnight made for an easy breakdown of camp. Had a powerbar for breakfast and hit the trike seat for our last day on the trail. Strong winds to ride into today will make a slow journey to Clinton. Stopped in Windsor for a peanut butter rollup and restroom break before cranking out the last 17 miles. Arrived at the Community Center around 1:45 pm and dismantled everything so we could pack up the pickup for our return to Wichita. A total of 514 miles were ridden on this 13 day trip.

A little known fact about Clinton.

The open landscape approaching Clinton.

How the word "cliffhanger" came to be.

The high point of the Katy Trail between Clinton and St. Charles

Day 13 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 12 of Katy Trail Ride

The tempature at sunrise was a cool 39 degrees. We skipped breakfast at camp in favor of a real triker's breakfast in Booneville. After scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and wheat toast with peanut butter we hit the trail fully charged and eager to see what lay ahead. The ride to Sedalia was slightly up and down with lots of riders on the trail. We stopped at the depot in Sedalia for a trail souvenir
before finding homemade ice cream on the way to Subway. Set up camp at the State Fairgrounds, showered and read our books in our mobile recliners (trikes). The Wichita group and another group from St. Louis also camped here for the night.

Campsite at the State Fairgrounds for the second time.

Bridge crossing I-70 near Boonville.

The Katy bridge across the Missouri is scheduled for demolition soon.

The turntable that gave the campground its' name.

Early morning view of the Roundhouse Campground prior to departure.

Day 12 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 11 of Katy Trail Ride

42degrees--a cool start to our ride today. The winds are forecast to be a headwind of 15-25 mph later this morning so we took highway 94 16 miles to the west side of Jefferson City where we rejoined the Katy Trail for the balance of today's ride. Met up with a group of 15 riders from Wichita at the Roundhouse Campground where we shared trail tales. The cmapground filled up as a large number of locals came out for the fall colors and an end of season ride.

The start of the Santa Fe was in Franklin, Mo.

Boat art along the trail.

Bluffs along the trail covered in fall colors.

Jefferson City, Missouri State Capitol

Day 11 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 10 of Katy Trail Ride

A clear day so we are off to Tebbetts. We opted for highway 94 to Bluffton for a different view of the world today. At the trail crossing with the highway we returned to the trail all the way to Mokane where we took the highway on to Tebbetts. Spent the afternoon reading and enjoying some free time. Several biking groups stopped during the afternoon for water and tire repairs and then moved on down the trail to their final destination. We were the only residents at the hostel tonight.

Corn stalks rolled for winter usage

Views along the Katy Trail

A rock that has various historical flood levels and their years maked on it dating back over 100 years.

Day 10 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 9 of Katy Trail Ride

The forecast was right on--rain. We slept in as the rain came down on the picnic shelter which we had pitched our tent under in order to stay dry. Finally we decided to make our way to Hardee's for breakfast and some reading while the weather improved. Made our way back to the park for a day of reading and waiting out the last of the rain. As evening came we walked down to the river to watch for boats that had entered the Missouri 380, 88 hour race. Just missed a couple boats but did catch the sun setting over the river.

Sunset on the Missouri River.

I'd like to know the history of this house.

Day 9 of Katy Trail Ride

A rain day in Hermann

Day 8 of Katy Trail Ride

Packed up and left the campground around 7:30 on Tuesday morning. We rode the trail until it crossed Augusta Bottom Road and then rode the road to the junction of highway 94 and then took the highway to Hermann. It was a nice change of pace with some challenging hills and a different view of the landscape from that along the Katy Trail. With thunderstorms and a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow we will take a rain day in Hermann on wednesday.

Our campsite in the picnic shelter at the Hermann City Park.

The hills are aflame with color.

Built in 1870 and still looking good.

This old barn is getting gray and old like me.

Day 8 of Katy Trail Ride

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 7 of Katy Trail Ride

Up early for a 7 am Monday morning ride to St. Charles. Easy ride to the depot and the starting point of Lewis and Clark's 1804 Discovery Expedition. Rode on down the trail about 5 miles before turning around for a return trip to Klondike Regional Park. Rode through Frenchtown and by the American Car Company (rail cars) before stopping in the park for lunch. Arrived back at camp around 3:30 for showers and some reading before dinner. Just before dark a biker we met in Tebbetts rode up and pitched his tent next door and shared some trail stories with us.

Harvest moon rising over Klondike Regional Park.

Fall colors along the trail.

Lewis and Clark's starting point for the Discovery Expedition of 1804.

The Frenchtown area in St. Charles

The Katy depot in St. Charles.

Day 7 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 6 of Katy Trail Ride

Packed up camp and headed for the grocery store for breakfast and some supplies for the next few days. Back on the trail we came across a town party in Treloar for lunch but we were too early so we continued down the trail. At Marthasville we stopped for ice cream and a refill of our water bottles before heading on to Klondike Regional Park. Set up camp, showered and fixed our Mountain House meals before reading until dark. Full moon tonight so it wasn't to dark.

Campsite for 2 nights at the Klondike Regional Park.

Found our favorite food in Marthasville at the Red Caboose.

Old elevator in Treloar.

Day 6 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 5 of Katy Trail Ride

Not much sleep last night as the partiers were pretty loud. About the time we fell asleep the fireworks would go off and we had to start all over getting back to sleep. Had breakfast and did laundry before heading to town center for the drinking activities. We settled on beer rather than the wine as we're just that kind of people. Spent the day under the umbrella drinking beer and visiting with a couple we met at the Roundhouse Campground a few days earlier. Walked to Wings a Blazin for a salad and chicken lips for dinner. Back to the park for another night of little sleep.

Dee even took to the local beer.

I managed to find a beer that was brewed locally.

A lot of wine is consumed at Octoberfest.

Old washing machines on display at the local laundry mat.

Saturday morning in the Hermann City Park.

Day 4 of Katy Trail Ride

We had a lazy day on the trail today as our destination was Hermann. Saw some outstanding colors and took in the Missouri River. Found a copperhead snake on the trail warming in the morning sun. Arrived in Hermann just after noon and set up our tent as Octoberfest is this weekend. The park will fill with campers and tents before the day ends. Walked to the VFW and had their Friday night special which turned out to be a lot of food. We then walked 4 blocks up the hill to the Stone Hill Winery and took the tour and drank the free samples. Back to camp for an eventful night of music, loud talk, and fireworks.

Our campsite in the Hermann City Park.

Wine barrels in the cellars of the Stone Hills Winery.

Cal checking out the Missouri River.

A copperhead warming in the early morning sun.

Homestead with beautiful trees in full color.

Day 4 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 3 of Katy Trail Ride

Hit the trail around 7:30 Thursday morning. A terrific ride to Rocheport and the only tunnel on the Katy railway. After departing town we had views of the bluffs and the Missouri River before reaching our hostel in Tebbetts. We camped with 3 other bikers and drank a few beers while discussing the happenings of the day.

The hostel in Tebbetts was a great place to stay.

If this old barn could talk what might it tell us about its' past?

Missouri River as seen from the Katy Trail

View of tunnel on the way to Rocheport.

Sunrise on Thursday at Roundhouse Campground

Day 3 of Katy Trail Ride

Day 2 of Katy Trail Ride

Packed up camp and headed for the trail around 7:45 am Wednesday. Short ride through town to the depot. The trail goes through city streets for about a mile before it rejoins the original roadbed heading toward Booneville. Great fall colors and many farmers harvesting their fall crops along the trail. The Katy trail through Boonville goes over city streets and the highway bridge before rejoining the roadbed at the Santa Fe Trail historial marker. Then it is a short 2 mile ride to Franklin and the Roundhouse Campground where we spent our third night in a tent.

Campsite at the Roundhouse Campground near Franklin.

Train depot in Booneville.

Original signal from the days of the Katy railway.

Original bridge over a creek on the Katy trail.