2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We made it, end of trip!!!

I promised to list some of our "bests" and "worsts" so here goes.
Most ice cream in one day: 3 dishes at Contact Creek, YK.
Worst cinnamon roll: the 2-day old, rock hard one we saved for our 3000 mile mark.
Easiest portable meal: peanut butter tortilla rollup. We ate hundreds of them.
Most memorable "character": the disabled vet in Petersburg, AK that we paid $7.00 to watch our gear.
Number of flat tires: 0 on the trikes and 3 on Cal's trailer.
Ugliest campground: Bednesti, which we will forever refer to as Bed Nasty.
Worst mosquitos: Big Creek Campground where we used 2 bottles of repellant in 1 day. Longest time without a shower: 4 days -- oh, nasty!
Worst and scariest drivers: a caravan of 5 Alabama RV's.
Closest bear encounter: Sitka, AK where a large grizzly ran through our campsite.
Number of injuries: 0
Number of sick days: 0
Hardest hill climb: Peterson Mtn on our way to Muncho Lake. Kindest people: Crow Buttes, SD, during a rain storm where a rancher offered to haul us and our trikes to his ranch for dinner and a bed. Then a lady offered to load the trikes in her truck and take us to the next town. And finally the convenience store manager offered to let us spend the night at the store after it closed.
Smelliest camp: Of course it has to be the outhouse we slept in at Log Cabin, YK.
Coldest feet and hands: White Pass, YK. Thanks to the border agents, we were able to warm up.
Most dangerous roadside critter: A bison that nearly charged Cal's trike twice on the Alaska Hwy in the YK.
Favorite meal: second breakfast -- that we usually stopped to eat after the first 20 miles of the day.
Best second breakfast: Definitely the Wolf-it-Down Cafe in Nugget City.
Best benefit of the trip: losing weight and getting in shape and, hopefully, adding a few years to our lives.
Greatest memories: all the wonderful people we met along the way.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We were planning to spent a couple days at the Great Basin Natl Park in Nevada, but soon after we got there the wind came up (60-70 MPH) and our trailer had trouble keeping wheels down. We bobbed and pitched, but stayed upright. Then it started snowing and we could see black clouds all around us, so after a tour of Lehman Caves, we decided to make a run for Colorado before we got snowed in in Nevada. After we got into Utah we discovered that the dark clouds were blowing dirt and not snow. We spent the night in Green River and will make the final leg to Gypsum, CO today.
Stay tuned for some of our highlights including "bests" and "worsts" from the trike trip.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

We are now in Ely, Nevada, inching closer to Colorado. We are taking.another tourist train ride today -- our 4th of the trip. Cal should be all trained out for awhile.
It took us over an hour to lose $2.00 in the penny video poker last night -- pretty cheap entertainment!