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Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 14 of Colorado Ride-2011

Departed the community center a little before 6 am. Looked for a breakfast spot but on this Sunday morning nothing was open. Headed north out of town on some brand new pavement that lasted for the next 9 miles. Got a call warning me about some bad weather for tonight and tomorrow in the Leadville area. Snow, cold and high winds. I'm not prepared for winter weather so I made plans to get picked up at the 18 mile mark which is near Granite City. Will complete the balance of the ride to Gypsum at a later date.

Past History

Old building along Highway 24 near Granite City.

WOW!! 9,000'

GPS says I have reached the 9,000' elevation for the first time on this trip.

A cool start to the day

Day 14 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 13 of Colorado Ride-2011

Packed up the tent and loaded the trike by the light of the full moon. Stopped at Cotopaxi for second breakfast. Arrived in Salida at 11:30 and spotted McDonald's and just couldn't pass up a large ice cream cone. Rested for awhile and then headed for Buena Vista just 25 miles away. Great views of the mountains along the scenic
roadway. Found the community center and took a shower before getting my sleeping bag out the the night. Wonderful night to sleep as the overnight tempature dipped to 44f.

Mt. Antero - Elv. 14,269'

One of the many fourteeners in Colorado

An awesome view from the road

Snow covered peaks as seen from the river valley

Day 13 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 12 of Colorado Ride-2011

Out of bed at 3:30 am in order to ride the streets of Pueblo before the city traffic gets out of control. Made it north to the Highway 50 junction and then turned west toward the mountains. Had an easy uphill ride to Penrose where a met a cyclist from Canon City who was out for a day ride. He rode with me to Canon City and we chatted about touring and the general area. A stop at Walmart for supplies and then I was faced with Eight Mile Hill. It took a while in the heat as I had to stop often of cool down. Road past the Royal Gorge and then back downhill to the river valley. Had a great ride along the river to the Five Points Campground. Visited with a couple from Spain at the campground and they invited me to have dinner with them. They are touring the USA over the next few years. I wished them good luck and thanked them for dinner.

Fellow Five Point campers from Spain

Five Points River Overlook

Rafters on the Arkansas River

Oldest producing oil well in the USA

Full moon over the Rocy Mountains

Day 12 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 11 of Colorado Ride-2011

Slept great as the tempature dropped to 55f overnight. Light breeze and I covered the first twenty miles in just under two hours. Stopped in Boone for a V-8 and then off again. At the junction of Highway 96 and 50 the sign read 11 miles to Pueblo. Found a motel in town for $35.00 as the afternoon tempature was to be 102f. Walked four blocks to a bike store and got a new inner tube for my trailer tire. On the way back I stopped at Wendy's for a salad and a berry ice cream. I retired to the motel room and read and plan an early to bed as I want to leave at 4:30 am tomorrow.

Highway Junction

Highway 50 will be my route of travel for the next three days.

Early morning shadows

What I saw as I was riding to the west this morning.

Day 11 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 10 of Colorado Ride-2011

Left Eads at 5 am to a cool 42f. What a shock. A steady climb to Haswell and then a descent to Ordway. I stopped in Arlington for a snack and a potty call. I also signed the visitor book that is kept in the outhouse. Lots of touring cyclists pass by here each year. Asked the town marshall where to camp in town and he directed me to Gillian's Cycle Campground on West 9th. A great place and an outstanding lady that likes giving others comfort. Thanks.

Gillian's cycle campground

No sugar today - only carbs

Arlington Park

A welcome stop on the open prairie for cyclists.

From a time in the past

Day 10 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 9 of Colorado Ride-2011

Great morning to ride. Reached the Kansas/Colorado state line at 7:30 am and took a photo for the record. A stop in Sheridan for refreshments and on down the road before the heat could get the best of me. Passed wind turbine sections headed for the wind farms. Could see many turbines operating this morning. Thunder and lightning as I got to Eads but no rain and no effect on the tempature. Headed to the swimming pool to shower and do laundry, a one stop operation. Camped in the city park just off main street. Great sleeping.

Eads, Colorado

My free camping site in the city park.

U.S. Army and Indians at war

Better not be out late in the winter time

Welcome to Colorful Colorado

First and only state line crossing on this trike trip.

Day 9 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 8 of Colorado Ride-2011

A foggy start as I left Healy at 5 am. Stopped in Scott City at Casey's General Store for a second breakfast egg and muffin sandwich. A short stop in Leota and then on to Tribune. The swimming pool is free to touring cyclists so I took advantage of it to shower and cool down from the heat of the day. Camping is also free and is across the street from the pool in the city park. A large storm passed to the north of town and then all was quite except for the howling cats and barking dogs.

Tribune, home for the night

A storm is building to the northwest. Only time will tell if I need to take shelter.

Change the clock

I can ride for another hour today and still quit by 2 pm.

The open road

Heading west from Healy in the early morning fog.

Day 8 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 7 of Colorado Ride-2011

The storm still lingered this morning as I packed up camp and had breakfast. It rained for the first twenty miles as I headed west. Stopped in Ranson for lunch supplies and was invited to church by the locals. Had to pass as the wind was still blowing my way. I met some young fellows near Shields riding from Colorado to Missouri. They are raising money for a youth camp. We traded road tales and they gave me some water and a cookie from a Boulder store. The cookie was very tasty. My goal for the day was Healy. The local church is open for cyclists so spent the night on the floor and rested in peace.

Youth on the go

These young fellows are riding from Denver to Paradise, Missouri.

What goes up must come down

Rural Kansas is slowly being allowed to decay away in favor of the bigger city.

Morning showers bring on wet riders

Yes, it rained for the first twenty miles today.

Church in Liebenthal

It's so flat here the church can be seen from miles away.

Day 7 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 6 of Colorado Ride-2011

Packed up camp and headed for the Prairiesta parade down Main of Russell. One of the first attractions was 150 longhorn steers reinacting an old time cattle drive. The highlight for the longtime Russell residents was the return of Senator Bob Dole. The Parade had the usual horses, cars, marching bands, political candidates, queens, and of course fire trucks of all kinds. I attended a luncheon at Lana's (a classmate) home prior to departing Russell to continue my ride westward. I rode old highway 40 to Hays as riding the interstate in Kansas is not allowed. As I reached Hays a large storm was building to the southwest and the headwind slowed my ride the last 13 miles. Just made it to Liebenthal in time. I set up the tent and covered the trike just before all hell broke loose.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Storm brewing in Central Kansas

Just arrived in Liebenthal before this storm broke loose.

Senator Dole returns to Russell

I grew up just 4 blocks from the Senator's home in Russell.

Longhorns on Main Street

Russell's version of running with the bulls.

Day 6 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 5 of Colorado Ride-2011

Wondered around town checking out places that were important as young guy growing up. Then it was off to the Elks Club for the big bash . Lots to eat and plenty of catching up going on well into the night.

Cake anyone?

Russell High School

Day 4 of Colorado Ride-2011

The Prairiesta is going on in Russell this weekend. The city is celebrating its'140th birthday. Store windows have painted scenes of the past and the locals are dressed in period attire. Music by local groups was playing on main street and the beer flowed feely as everyone enjoyed the celebration.

Having the favorite drink of our high school days


Class of 1965 Reunion

Helped decorate the Elks Club for the all 60's class reunion.

Day 3 of Colorado Ride-2011

In order to avoid the expected heat I hit the road at 5 am. Today's ride was mostly to the north and to my surprise the tempature was only 78f when I reached Hoisington
so I decided to ride the remaining 30 miles to Russell. I arrived in Russell around
12:30 and had an ice cream cone before heading to Camp Caylor. For the next three days this will be my home.

How Russell came to be.

Approaching Russell on Hwy 285

The Golden Arches can be seen just ahead. My trike just stopped there so I could get an ice cream cone.

Another great sunrise.

View to the east as I was riding north from Hudson.

Day 3 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 2 of Colorado Ride-2011

Had a great breakfast before departing Hutchinson just before sunrise. Road straight west for 38 miles before turning north. The tempature
hit 100 as I reached the Hudson town park. I was invited to stay in the air conditioned Community Center overnight rather than pitching my tent in the
park. Not a hard choice.

Trike garage

Spent the night in the Hudson Community Center

Kansas family farm

Wheat ready to cut along the road to Hudson.

Didn't know this fact.

President Harding cut wheat in the early 1920's on a farm near Hutchinson.

Day 2 of Colorado Ride-2011

Day 1 of Colorado Ride-2011

Left Wichita just before sunrise and arrived in Hutchinson around 10 am. Spent most of the day with Dee's parents before heading to Shelley's (Dee's sister) house for the night. We went to Bogey's for ice cream, a triking tradition.

What is that going down the road?

These cows came running up to the fence to see what was passing by on the road. It must have been real exciting seeing a trike and trailer with safety flags waving in the breeze.

A great way to start a trike trip

Sunrise as seen on 167th heading north toward Colwich

Day 1 of Colorado Ride-2011