2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Monday, November 24, 2014

A break before the finish

Early to bed , early to rise. That was us on this morning, up at 5:00am. I walked to Casey's for coffee and hot chocolate for us to drink in the room while we watched the morning news. We went back later for refills and their breakfast pizza. We packed up for the last time and left the motel at 7:30am and still before sunrise. A few miles down the road we were greeted by an awesome sunrise which we took as a thank you for our time with nature. Because of some road construction the traffic came in spurts every 20 minutes so the ride went by relatively hassle free. The headwind was getting stronger the longer we rode so we only made it to Viola by lunchtime. The convenience store along highway 42 provided us with some shelter from the wind as we ate our lunch. We decided to take a break from the wind and ride east to Clearwater and have ice cream at Casey's. Ten miles into the wind took us about l 1/2 hour and then we pulled into the driveway that we departed from 10 day ago. The time was only 1:45pm so I had plenty of time to get all the gear unpacked and things put away. So long until next time.

I didn't know

A Englishman named F.J.S. Turnly bought land in what's now Harper County and for $500 would teach the secrets of successful farming to his countrymen. This venture lasted only 5 years. The church from the town was moved to Harper and still exists.

An awesome sunrise

This is what you get to see when you start your ride in the dark.

Day 10 - Kansas-Oklahoma Loop Ride

Good-bye Oklahoma

We made it through the night without any raccoon attacks. However, there was a deer that kept walking by our tent sniffing and snorting for several hours during the night. The sounds of the outdoors can be quite unusual. The sunrise was just beautiful, amazing colors. After a breakfast of oatmeal and hot chocolate we pedaled out of camp to the highway. We preformed a goathead check on the tires and found only a couple, but no punctures. The ride to Manchester, on the stateline, was uneventful and fairly easy. We stopped at a tiny cafe, located at the farmers co-op, and had the best homemade cinnamon roll since Tesla River. We listened to some interesting stories told by the locals and then thanked the cook for the great tasting rolls before we headed outside to the trikes. Just a 1 mile ride to the Oklahoma/Kansas stateline for photos and then on to Anthony. Our first stop in town was at McDonald's for lunch. A delivery driver for the local bottled water company said he saw us both yesterday and again today as he serviced his route. We chatted about our ride and his resent trip to Alaska. Only 10 miles to Harper and our last night of this trike trip was spent at the tv and reading.

Back to Kansas

I see the stateline just ahead.

Day 9 - Kansas-Oklahoma Loop Ride