2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Welcome shelter

We had light rain at 11pm for just a few minutes. At 4am the thunder and lightning woke us from a sound sleep. We quickly packed up the camping gear and headed for the laundry room. We just made it before the 2 hour downpour cut loose.

Crossing a line

It was rainy and cool when we crossed the 100th meridian at lunchtime in Cozad.

Day 9 & 10 - GFRT

Time to rest

A few sprinkles overnight to settle the dust and slow packing up. Left the campground at 7:45am and the temperature was already a warm 60f compared to the mid 40's forecasted last night. A north/northwest wind of about 15 mph slowed our all day ride to the north. We arrived in Holdridge at noon and once again managed to spot a Dairy Queen. We had the big meal deal and a small blizzard for lunch, almost too much. It doesn't take many miles to get rid of the extra calories. A semi-truck with a locomotive air horn passed us yesterday and gave us a blast and a wave. Well, it reappeared today and gave us an even bigger blast as it passed by. Some people just have too much fun with their toys. Crossed the Platte River and I-80 before stopping at Pilot Truck Stop for drinks and tomorrow's weather forecast. It doesn't look good but one never knows what it will really be until tomorrow. Two miles later we arrive at Sunny Meadows Campground and the end of our 45 mile day.

A big day

We made it to the Platte River and I-80 within just minutes of each other. Camp is just a few miles away.

I didn't know

That lots of irrigation water flowed in centeral Nebraska. That longhorn cattle had escaped from Texas. That the pony express, Oregon trail and Mormon trail passed thru here in the 1800's.

Packing up

Morning chores before we can leave camp.