2010 Alaska Trike Trip

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Dinner under the night lights

We headed to the cafe at 5:30am for a big breakfast. We ordered a 3 egg omlet, hashbrowns, whole wheat toast and hot chocolate for our 65 mile ride that we had planned for today. We couldn't eat all the hashbrowns so we got a to-go box and took them for lunch. Loaded up our gear and headed out at 6:50am. The ride to Stanford was filled with lots of snow covered mountains in the distance and just cloudy skies. The road had some long climbs that ended with an overall elevation gain. Time to consume those cold hashbrowns and a snicker bar washed down with a diet coke. We heard about a roadside rest area about 5 miles from Geyser and decided to check it out, so off we went. It turned out to be pretty nasty. After a drink and snack, we rode to Geyser and asked about a place to camp and were directed to the Cabin Creek Bar. The manager said it was okay to camp behind the bar. We set up our tent near the picnic table and made ourselves at home. We went into the bar to see what we could roundup for supper. Drank a few Redds Apple Ales and decided on a jalapena burger with fries. Went to sleep with raindrops hitting the rainfly thinking about the 45 miles we traveled today.

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